API Docs for: 0.2.0

Quintus Module

Defined in: lib/quintus.js:1906

Quintus HTML5 Game Engine

The code in quintus.js defines the base Quintus() method which create an instance of the engine. The basic engine doesn't do a whole lot - it provides an architecture for extension, a game loop, and a method for creating or binding to an exsiting canvas context. The engine has dependencies on Underscore.js and jQuery, although the jQuery dependency will be removed in the future.

Most of the game-specific functionality is in the various other modules:

  • quintus_input.js - Input module, which allows for user input via keyboard and touchscreen
  • quintus_sprites.js - Sprites module, which defines a basic Q.Sprite class along with spritesheet support in Q.SpriteSheet.
  • quintus_scenes.js - Scenes module. It defines the Q.Scene class, which allows creation of reusable scenes, and the Q.Stage class, which handles managing a number of sprites at once.
  • quintus_anim.js - Anim module, which adds in support for animations on sprites along with a viewport component to follow the player around and a Q.Repeater class that can create a repeating, scrolling background.