API Docs for: 0.2.0

Q.Component Class

Defined in: lib/quintus.js:942
Module: Quintus


Components are self-contained pieces of functionality that can be added onto and removed from objects. The allow for a more dynamic functionality tree than using inheritance (i.e. by favoring composition over inheritance) and are added and removed on the fly at runtime. (yes, I know everything in JS is at runtime, but you know what I mean, geez)

Combining components with events makes it easy to create reusable pieces of functionality that can be decoupled from each other.

The base class for components. These are usually not derived directly but are instead created by calling Q.register to register a new component given a set of methods the component supports. Components are created automatically when they are added to a Q.GameObject with the add method.

Many components also define an added method, which is called automatically by the init constructor after a component has been added to an object. This is a good time to add event listeners on the object.

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Defined in lib/quintus.js:985

destroy is called automatically when a component is removed from an entity. It is not called, however, when an entity is destroyed (for performance reasons).

It's job is to remove any methods that were added with extend and then remove and debind itself from the entity. It will also call destroyed if the component has a method by that name.